Carpet Stain Removal

You'll Say Wow Carpet Cleaning has compiled a list of common stains and the best way to defeat them using common household items. See the list at

Basic rules to follow when removing stains from carpets:

  1.  Attend to spill promptly.
  2.  Dilute with cold water and sop up excess.
  3. Repeat for as long as you are achieving a positive result. Don't scrub! Avoid bleach products.
  4. Don't over wet with solvents (eg turps and dry cleaning fluid), they can damage the carpet backing.

If you can't remove a fresh stain, keep it moist by covering with a wet towel until we can attend to it. Not allowing it to set can make it easier to remove. Warning: NEVER use any product that contains bleach as it will remove colour.

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